Africa Sways to the same Beat….Music & Film will unite Africa!

The Chairman of the 2020 Kisima Music & Film awards Dr. Fred Simiyu expounds of this year’s Pan African Kisima Festival.

Q1. The 2020 Kisima Music & Film Awards declares it is bigger, bolder and bravely Pan African, what does this exactly mean?

For the first time since its inception the music and Film awards intends to cover the entire African continent traversing the heritage of the pyramids of Egypt, diverse rich culture that traverses the deserts of the Sahara the savannah of east Africa and the rough seas of the cape of good hope. We intend to cover every breath and space that covers the African continent. This is the platform for Africa by Africans – all Africans.

Q2. Why has the Kisima Music Awards transitioned into being a Pan African Music Film ceremony?

Our Kisima Music & Film awards 2020 are going Pan-African because it is TIME! The time is now for Africa to unite in Music and film in a transformational path that will raise Africa higher in every sense. Our Music and our cultures are diverse yet so unique in every sense. There was a gap that needed to be filled in with Africa appreciating African content without external influence or reservation. With the end of KORA and MNET awards Africa needs its own OSCARS. This is it!

Q3. Why is it important for artists and thespians in Africa to consolidate their potential with a definitive Pan African focus.

Africa needs to sing her own song! Africa needs to tell her own story! Africa needs to reposition the continent and tell our own story right here through Music & Film at the Kisima Music & Film Awards. This is important for every creative African mind.

Q4. How does Music & film merge to grace one platform such as Kisima?

Music & Film are actually Siamese twins – they are joined at the hips! In Music you act, in acting, you sing…It is all about creative arts merging in one as entertainment is entwined in Africa. This is the best of Africa’s creative melting pot.

Q5. In a somewhat destabilizing year marred by the COVID 19 pandemic why is it important for the Kisima music & Film Awards to take place?

COVID 19 has no ability to push down the African spirit. Africa’s resilient is alive in her song and dance, not even the pandemic can kill that spirit! It is to reignite the African cultural and music spirit and show our resilience as a continent. It is us saying Africa is back! 

Q6. Who are the sponsors behind the Kisima Music & Film Awards?

We have lined up a number of sponsors already. We anticipate more major brands to join in. Watch this space for regular updates on this.

Q7. What plans do you have for the sustainability of this Music & Film Awards on a Pan African approach?

The Pan-African Kisima Music & Films Awards train has left the station with the first stop in Kenya. Africa has 54 countries. The train does not stop until we have circled the entire continent! We are determined to go round the motherland and celebrate our diversity for as long as we are able to.

Q8. What message do you have for organizations, corporate and conglomerates that can lay down substantive dependable supports for musicians and artists in Africa?

It is time to actualize your loyalty to Africa. If you purport to be pro-Africa then it is time to put your money where your mouth is. When you support an African artist you support the continent and re write the narrative of this great land.

Q9. What do you say to African artists, actors, actresses and musicians seeking to advance their skills and fly Africa’s creativity flag?

I say COME! Let’s share this sun that shines brighter for Africa all year. Let’s make music and film that can traverse borders and have originality – let’s create 100 more Jerusalema waves!

Q10. What do you define as the “soul” of the 2020 Pan African Kisima Music & Film Awards?

The diversity of our Rich African heritage. That is the SOUL of the Pan-African Kisima Music & Film Awards.