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KISIMA MUSIC & FILM AWARDS 2020 is now Pan African dedicated to promoting culture, music, stories, creativity, and skills in Africa, by Africans, for Africans unto the world. This year, our guiding theme is Reawakening the soul, spirit and vibrancy of Africa through Music and Film! The awards will be annual whose 2020 ceremony will be held on Sunday, December 13th. For the very first time, the Kisima Music & Film Awards is open to the WHOLE of Africa as a Pan-African melting pot of authentic talent-driven by an unrelenting zeal to show-case the rich diversity of African Music and film. The Awards will be a celebration of African talent, a strenghening of African solidarity and a point convergence for show-casing African talent, dreams and aspirations. The awards will be audacious, deep and progressive.

We are recognizing outstanding achievement in the performing arts bringing together all African artists; thespians and music professionals representing the entire chain of the Film and Music industry and infusing Pan Africanism therefore offering to global players the opportunity to interact with the authenticity of African culture and beliefs. Africa needs Kisima and Kisima needs Africa to promote Pan African cultural diversity and stimulate collaborations, exchanges, business opportunities within the region and actively contribute to the growth of the film and Music industry in the continent.

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