Dance Africa, Dance! …..the KISIMA MUSIC & FILM AWARDS are here!

Let me tell you why, Africa was meant for music and dance. Let me enlighten you on why Africa’s future is already victorious why Africa is slated to sing and dance as the world galvanizes towards a new world order!

Let me tell you why from Cairo to Johannesburg, from Ankara to Cotonou, Antannarivo to Swakopmund, the sounds of music are the flagellation on the balm of Africa’s reality! Let me just tell you why the Kisima Music & Film awards 2020 is just on point because Africa is getting ready for the dance of Pan African emancipation.

The Egyptians have taught us that she who understands music, understands the cosmos. The Zanzibaris keep reminding us that when you play the flute in Zanzibar, all Africa dances!

The 2020 Kisima Music & Film awards is here to get all of Africa on her feet! Africa must dance this December! There is no excuse across Africa because Africa in her definition is moves and twists..beyond all her transgressions, Africa dances! The Rwandans say; In a Fiddlers’ house, all are dancers! Is there any African who does not claim the prowess of her fiddling fingers? Don’t we all know how to roll with the punches of life and rise? Africa, the hub of art, the hub of good food…because good music does go with good food! The Kisima Music and Film awards in an act of pan African defiance is here to pump color, laughter, joy and flair into an otherwise eventful year dampened by the sting of the COVID 19 pandemic.

In her defiance, the Kisima Music & Film awards is coming back, bigger, bolder and braver to declare that Africa knows her music regardless, that a woman is never old when it comes to the dance she knows!

Africa’s music and dance is a dance of resilience and strength. It is a dance of hope and reawakening; it is the dance that pushes Africa forward because music does speak louder than words!

For eons, the light of Africa’s Music & Film has been overshadowed against the backdrop of the global North, yet ironically, the seed to what makes the world go round is sown deeply in the motherland that is the genesis of humanity. Alas! it is Africa that taught the world how to raise her voice and bellow out her survival to the wind, it is Africa where authentic indigenous art was a target of colonial robbers. Clearly what Africa emanates when swept in the trance of magical dance and acting was an enigma to the colonial thieves enough for them to want to subdue!

This is 2020, Africa’s magical dancing foot comes alive. The Kisima Music & Film Awards is here to revitalize the motherland to jump into the celebration and showcase that which the entire world so nostalgically wishes upon themselves.

This December, watch the amazing creativity and exemplary artistic rendition of diverse realities in the pot of Africa’s creative film industry. This is Africa’s own pot of gold and the world knows it. Let the film industry across the continent show up to showcase the prowess of film production and delivery as is ascribed deeply into the genes of those of us born of the motherland. Alongside the music and dance, sit back and understand why the richness of soliloquy and the dramatic rendition in theatre and realism are actually a preserve of which Africa’s potential is huge. The Kisima Music & Film awards are here for it , we are here for all of it! Because we are Africa and Africa is born in us. The Chewa and the Nyanja of Malawi are apt when they proclaim; a child brought up where there is always dancing cannot fail to dance. It is true to a fault because we the children of Africa are weaned on a meal of song and dance and poetry and proverbs and everything art! For it is here in Africa where even without drumbeats, the banana leaves will still dance!

So keep December 13th locked. This is the day when Arica will dance! The 2020 Kisima Music & Film Awards will pull Africa to her feet, It is the time that even the mightiest of Africa’s challenges and misfortunes take a backseat because; “No matter how mighty and strong a tree is, it will always dance to the tune of the wind” (Okelola Olamigoke). The wind is the 2020 Kisima Music & Film Awards…Africa get ready to dance!

Mildred Ngesa